Extra 1/64" in dimensions?

Just started working on a new project, a pull-out pots & pans rack. I’ve got an extra 1/64" in my dimensions and it doesn’t seem to add up. I’m just wondering if anyone else can take a look and see where it might be coming from. Screen capture here. Thanks for any assistance.

How about sharing the SKP file instead? That’ll give us the ability to help you out. Otherwise we’re only guessing.


Note that there is not a ~ in front of any of your dimensions. This means that SketchUp believes the values displayed are the exact values for the places marked. That leads to the conclusion that either you haven’t measured to quite where you think (e.g. you’ve gotten a point on a curve instead of the flat) or that something is slightly misplaced in your model. As DaveR has noted, it is impossible to tell without seeing the skp file.

Yeah I just now realized that the “~” means “approximate.” I’m guessing the distance between the inner and outer drawer slide halves isn’t exactly 1/2". Thanks.