Hey I just got a bill for $698.00 what gives?

I don’t understand what this new bill is saying. But if I am reading it right and you are really charging $698.00 then I’m gone.

A year ago you paid for two Pro subscription seats, which at the time was $299 each. Those both renewed, at the price that was introduce last year, $349 each.

You have one of the two assigned to you, and the other one not assigned to anyone. Were the two subscriptions from a year ago assigned to you and someone else? Is the other person due to still be using SketchUp?

If this time around you only intended to keep the Pro subscription going for you, the price should have been $349, and you can ask for a refund for the unused seat. If a year ago you only intended to get one subscription, that would be a trickier conversation.

The forums are not SketchUp support, to get in touch with the Support department to find out what’s going on, you should use this form:



I didn’t realize I paid for two subscription seats I don’t need two I just want the 2022 version can you fix this for me please?

FWIW, you can continue using SketchUp 2022 but you’ll still need one current subscription. Contact Customer Support so they can refund you for the unused subscription. Since it’s a long holiday weekend in the US, don’t expect a reply until Tuesday.

If you have only been using one subscription for over a year, it will take a senior manager to try to refund the last year. I’m not even sure it can be done.

If it’s only the renewal that should have been a single seat, anyone in customer support can handle that, and some of the staff is in Europe, they will be working tomorrow.

As Dave says, which version you use is up to you, with the Pro subscription you can sign in with 2019 and later. That also means you can use the latest version if you wanted to.

Ok I really don’t need a refund on things. I just I just need to make sure it no longer happens.

Oh unless you were talking about the $698.00 ya well I guess I do need a refund on half of that.

Fortunately the two renewals show as separate orders. When you contact support you can mention that you’re using one subscription, and it’s the one you’re not using that they should refund.