Herringbone pattern, want to super impose it onto another surface

I need to impose the herringbone pattern onto the cabinet door faces. I’m new to SketchUP and to forums like this, I’m sorry if a simple search would have given me the answer, but honestly I’m not sure what to search for… The herringbone pattern is flat, the cabinet door is .75 thick with the center being offset back 3/8 of an inch. The cabinet door is a component.


The best way would be to use a texture.

Another way would be to drag the geometry pattern you have into the face you want and it should merge.

If either the geometry of the face or the pattern is grouped, you have to explode one into the face of the other. This merging only happens with edges and faces, not between groups/components nor groups/components into faces/edges.

You can also copy paste geometry into a group.

After merging, excess geometry must be erased. Eraser tool or select and delete.

I think the answer to my question is found in this video Solid Tools Lattice - SketchUp Skill Builder - YouTube He uses Solid tools to chop the Lattice work. That’s what I want to do, however I cant figure out where the solid tools are, note I’m using the IPad. Any help on solid tool location on the iPad?

It is my understanding that there are no solid tools (yet) on SketchUp for iPad.
If your pattern is flat, solid tools won’t work anyway. They only work on solids. Something flat cannot be solid.