Herringbone pattern

I am having trouble designing a complicated decking area. The area is two quadrant shapes that overlap with the deck boards in a herringbone pattern. I can’t work out how to scale the herringbone textures to suit my drawing and I haven’t worked out how to quickly trim the individual deck boards that intersect the curved lines that make the perimiter of the shape so that the herringbone pattern is only inside the area i want it to be.

Any ideas? I am a real novice and only use SU for occasional fitted furniture project. I’ve had a look online for a tutorial but I get the feeling that this is quite a niche problem. This is comfortably the most complicated thing I have tried to design yet!



Are you using a texture to represent the planks or are you drawing the individual planks?

Any chance you could share the SKP model you’ve got so far? It would make it easier and faster to get you a solution.

Griffiths decking.skp (623.8 KB)

Here you go, Dave. I have tried both of the ways you suggested. Cant scale the texture right and it seems like I’m missng a trick when I try and make the individual planks.

Do you want to look at it together? I have a short window of time available now.

yes please! what do I need to do?

Have you got microphone and speakers or a headset for your computer?. Check your PMs.

You might consider using a texture rather than actual geometry. It could make for a more compact file and a whole lot less trimming.

Edit: Upon rereading your original post I see that you have indeed considered a texture but have run into a scaling issue with it. Could you explain in a bit more detail what went wrong or what the issue is?


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If you want it proper geometry rather than a texture (perhaps it’s going to be viewed close up?) then I would first edit one of the planks to have a beveled edge and a space between it and the next one.

Then you have two options: 1) make each plank that will have a unique cut unique… and cut it. Or 2) use the overall template shape, pull it to cover all the boards and “intersect with model”. Number 1 will let you texture each plank in the correct direction. Number 2) will need split into two objects so that the grain will run the correct way {with a bit of planning you could simply create two objects.}

Unfortunately the plank size and layout you’ve shown would actually be impractical to physically construct. - attached is step-by-step method 2 with some slightly tweaked shapes and layout to suit the board size. Griffiths decking.skp (2.0 MB)

[edit] PS this is much easier with the “Solid tools” that are part of the Pro version.