Need Help with Herringbone Floor

I am making a Herringbone Flooring for my learning. I was searching internet and came across this video which I tried to followed but for herringbone patter.

when I try to make pattern on pasted picture it draw lines beneath tile picture.

can any one help me find out a solution or a simpler way to make my desire flooring. I am attaching my sketchup file for refrence.

Demo 2.skp (8.7 MB)

Are you actually using SketchUp for Schools as your profile says? That’s a web based version. Or are you using SketchUp Pro?

You’ve got a problem with your herringbone pattern. It doesn’t divide up the surface. When I triple click on an edge it should select all of the edges and not just a few. There are tiny gaps between the edges.
There’s also no faces in the herringbone pattern to texture. Looking through it from the bottom you can see the sky through it.

Before you can apply textures you need to have faces. And every tile needs to have its own face.

If I were going to model this I wouls start with two rectangles representing two neighboring tiles. and apply the correctly ooriented textures. Then I would use Move/Copy to make an array of them. Trim off the edges as needed aftermaking the copies.

Thanks for a quick reply I am using Sketchup Pro, I think I mistakenly written school in my profile.

yes there are gaps in between my lines. I first draw it on CAD.
yes you are right it does not have any face.

thank you for the help I will do as you suggested thanks alot

Please correct your profile. IF that information is correct it makes it easier for us to help you.

Why bother with drawing it in CAD? Just draw it in SketchUp.

Good luck.

Here’s a simple array with the Move tool. The Guidelines show the overall dimensions of the herringbone pattern.
Trimming it after creating the pattern is as simple as drawing a rectangle over the guidelines and erasing the geometry on the outside. If you don’t want to see the edges between the faces you can hide them.

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thank you so much for helping. I want to question

the tutorial video which I shared, I exactly followed steps shown in this video but when I draw on it the rectangle is drawn beneath it

can you tell me why ? why I am unable to do as shown in video

when I imported my CAD file to Sketchup, then with the help of Pencil tool I draw all four edges, and it turned white. I assumed the floor is faced and started applying texture.

can you tell me how did you made this short video? If I want to make for myself?

LICEcap! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You drew the rectangle outside of the imported component so the face was also outside of the component. Even if you had opened the component for editing and drawn the rectangle inside, it wouldn’t have divided the face up into the individual tiles because of the sloppiness of the import CAD file. You can see in my screenshot that there are edges missing at one corner.

thankyou I will download it

this makes sense. Point is I was all wrong about making my herringbone pattern.

@DaveR can you explain what mistake I am making in this one?

Your tiles aren’t integral with the floor. They hover above it, or at least outside it. Everything has to be on the exact same plane, and every tile/face must be closed, or it won’t work.

you are talking about my herringbone pattern or the tutorial video I am trying to do ?

as for the Tutorial video I exactly followed all the steps show in video made a rectangle, Imported an png picture to paste over rectangle I drew. then as the instructor making few rectangles to make a pattern for himself I started drawing rectangles but my lines are on the other side not above the pasted picture like the instructor. I hope you getting what I am trying to say