Basic Sketchup Question for Newbie

I am trying to draw the cabinet I am building. I am using Sketchup Go for iPad. I have drawn the side of the cabinet to be 3/4" inch thick. Now I want to put a 1/4’ groove down the back and across the top. I am able to draw a 1/4" box on the top of the panel and extrude it to the bottom, but I want to place the box exactly 1/4" from the back of the panel. I make the square and drag it to the back so I can move it exactly 1/4" from the edge. Sometimes when the box touches the edge it grabs that edge and I distort the whole thing. Sometimes not. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? I am 70-years-old but I like to think I can still learn.

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All loose or raw geometry in sketchup will stick together, so when you touch the edges together they will grab. Grouping geometry will stop things sticking together.
But in this case you can use a guide to set the start point, or as I prefer, just draw an edge and use the endpoint as the place to start your square.
This is the desktop version but it’s the same principle. Start to draw an edge and type in 1/4, the draw a rectangle and type the two dimensions to set it as a perfect 1/4 square 1/4 from the face.

If you mean on the face rather than the edge it’s the same.

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Thanky you! Your answer was exactly what I needed. Frustrating how little things can slow me down. I’m rolling now!