Snapping to a specified dimension from edge prior to drawing

I’m a woodworker, and when developing plans, I frequently need to draw dados (grooves) into panels. I want these to be a specific distance from the edge of my object. The 1 1/4" measurement in this photo.

I’m looking for the most efficient way of doing this while I draw the rectangle that I use to “push” the dado into the panel. Is there a way I can snap the upper left corner of the rectangle to 1 1/4" as I draw the rectangle? I know I can move it after I draw, but looking to gain some efficiency.

Not sure how well I described that…

If I were going to model that groove I would use Move/Copy to copy the long edge over 1-1/4 in. and then copy that edge again to define the width of the groove. After that, push it to the desired depth. Easier to do the Push/Pull to depth, too, because you don’t need to see the entire object.


Alternatively if you’ve modeled the part that goes in the groove you could improve your efficiency with Eneroth Solid Tools or BoolTools2.


Excellent, thanks. I’m gonna try your first method to see how that feels. I’m currently working on iPad, so no extensions for me, but I also use desktop version if I wanna give that a try.

Thanks again. I love seeing peoples different methods to solving problems.

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