Problem making a dado with push-pull in sheet good component

I’m new to Sketchup, using Pro 2023 version. I’m able to make depressions and dados when following demo projects. However, in the project I’m trying to design, I have a plywood sheet good into which I’m trying to show a dado. It is saved as a solid component. I double click on the component to edit it, select the surface, draw the lines for the dado, and then push it in with push-pull. I can see the line on the end and the face of the plywood where the dado should go when I push it in, but the cavity isn’t created.

Share your SketchUp file so we can see how you’ve set up your model.

Storage New.skp (102.5 KB)

The dado is intended to go under the guide at 64 inches on the body-left wall.

OK. I’ll take a look.

There’s an edge segment at the back edge that implies you didn’t get your rectangle for the bottom of the dado on the face of the panel.

Instead of using the Line tool, use the Rectangle tool. It’s quicker and easier to ensure your edges remain on the surface. You only need to type the width of the dao. Also no need to select the face before you draw on it.

Another thing I see in your model is that back panel extends into the wall. How did you create that? The geometry is no aligned with the model axes although the bounding box is aligned which is expected.

Beautiful, thanks! I did try using both the line tool and the rectangle tool, but instead of going from the back to the front, I went from front (near edge) to back. I must not have gotten all the way to the far edge.

I see your point about the back panel. I drew it directly on the wall and extruded it forward. So, the wall itself must be mis-aligned. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Looking at it again, the back panel is buried into the wall. Not sure how I did that. Thanks again.

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