Problem using push/pull

I created a stile for my picture frame and made it a component with the name Front Stile. I wanted to cut out a dado on the back of the stile to accept the rail so I drew lines on the side of the stile in the desired size. I want to use push-pull to form the dado. However push-pull does not work on the surface I drew. If I double click on the stile to edit it, the outline for the dado is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? ThanksQueen of Hearts frame.skp (27.6 KB)

The outline you’ve drawn is on the outside of the component, so the outline won’t interact with the faces inside the component.

Select your outline lines, cut to clipboard, open the component for editing and use Paste in Place. Now you should be able to push-pull it.

@Ken5 you have 2 instances of that component, so when you double-click on one to edit it, the other will turn gray (unless View > Component Edit > Hide Similar Components is selected).

Then proceed as per @McGordon

You have drawn the rectangle for your dado on the outside of the component. You can either redraw it with the component open for ediiting, or cut it from the outside, open the component, and use Edit/Paste in place. Then if you drew it flat on the face (which I later confirmed that you did), PushPull will work.

With the component open for editing, as shown above, you can see that your rectangle for pushpulling the dado is not in the context of the component. If it were, you would see it as thin black lines, not shaded into grey.

When you see this…

… with the cutout you want shown as a thick ‘profile edge’ you know it can’t be in the face.

When it is in the right context, you will see this, and can pushpull.

See the difference?

Thanks. How do I cut to clipboard?

Edit Menu -> Cut
or Control-x (on windows)
⌘ X (on Mac)

@Ken5 Ctrl-X (Windows) or Edit > Cut

That worked, thanks!

That is very helpful thanks. Ken