Dado Tutorial Issues

hi ,…new to sketch up and following some tutorials for woodworking sketches, tutorial for woodworkers might be a little out of date as the tutorial layout differs form my onscreen layout…however i am following the tutorial on sketching a shelf with dado’s. all good up to the point where you now draw the shelf…tutorial says draw the rectangle again in the dado and use push/pull tool to draw the shelf. however on my version when i use the push pull it adds it to the side and i no longer have the dado…why is that? and it becomes one piece?

If it’s the tutorial I suspect, you missed the step of making the side a group. Making a group puts the geometry you’ve drawn into a container. Additional geometry drawn outside the container won’t stick to the geometry inside the container. In the case of the book shelf, it would be better to make the case side a component since it’ll have a mirrored counterpart. Then, after you make the first shelf, make it another component so you can copy it into the other dadoes. There are numerous benefits in using components over groups for this. One of them is if you edit one component instance, all other instances get edited, too.

As for SketchUp looking different in the tutorial, probably the biggest difference (if you’re using the tutorial I think you are) is it was done on Mac and you’re using a PC.

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