Rookie Pull Push Questions

Living Room Shelf.pdf (4.6 KB) I just started with Sketch Up yesterday for woodworking projects. I’ve gone through the first 10 or so tutorial videos. I’ve made a drawing of some shelves that I want to make, but the push/pull tool doesn’t make a seam, it blends together two objects at a right angle with no “cut line.” Other seams are present but unnecessary. How can I change seams, cut lines in the program to get an accurate cut list?

Did none of those tutorials explain anything about groups/components?
Each shelf should be a Group/Component.

Start learn the basics:

Ah! Right. There are so many details. I’m assuming from your answer that I make one piece a component before drawing the rectangle for the next piece. Thanks!

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Yes, it’s way more easy to make every piece a component/group before drawing another raw geometry that will stick to the previous one if it’s not grouped.

The general rule in woodworking drawings using Sketchup is to draw each element separately that would be separate in the real world. In your description, you appear to have two shelves, one at right angles to the other. You CAN draw it as if it were an L-shape cut out of one large board but you are unlikely to be making it like that. So if you don’t make it like that, don’t draw it like that either. It’s a nice, simple rule.

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