Herramienta Proyectar

In the spanish sketchup make 2017 there is a tool called “Proyectar”. I don’t know how to use it. If someone is able to explain or send a link with the explanation it would be easier than try for myself. Thanks a lot.

That’s the Drape tool.

Maybe start with the Help files on Drape.

Thank you!! I’ll try to do it now

It works, it seems that it doesn’t work when the edge that you want to project is larger than the surface. I thought that the line would embrace the surface. This was great! Thank you again!

Does Sandbox really appear in Make now? I thought Sandbox (including Drape) was just in Pro.
Guess I’m behind times.

The first time that I tried the 2017 version it was “pro”, but when the 30 days period ends, it becomes “make” (Hacer in spanish) and you loose the boolean options for example

Right, I understand that, but I thought Sandbox was one of the options lost when it switched back to “Hacer.” I’m probably just mixed up.

Sandbox has always been part of Make.

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