Drape on the sandbox tool not working anymore on SketchUp 2023

I’m having troubles with the projection tool that I used a lot in the other versions of sketchup. When I use it, I can see the lines projected on the model, but as soon as I move or quit the tool, the lines disappear and the model is not cut.
Don’t know if I’m on the good topic for reporting this bugs…
Anybody having the same issue ?

Are you referring to the Projections extension? Or maybe some other extension?

This tool.

Drape from the Sandbox tools. There is an issue with the Drape tool working if the stuff you are draping is inside a larger component. This was reported already. A search for ‘Drape’ will turn up the thread. Exploding the top level group/component seems to fix it and that’s the current work around but hopefully the issue will be fixed soon.

Please edit the title of your thread to indicate you are talking about Drape and the Sandbox Tools.

That’s done. Thanks for your answer ! :slight_smile:

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Hey, they used the french name, Projection :wink:

When I’m helping someone on this forum I often have the Help page of SU open on the side, by switching from english to french I get the names of the tools. otherwise i’d have to guess the translation
Some translations are straightforward, some like Projection / drape (or tag / balise…) aren’t :slight_smile:

While that might be, the English speaking folks from the SketchUp team would have a difficult time identifying that this issue is related to the Sandbox tools because there was nothing in the original post to link it to that extension.

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