[SandBox Tools] Drape tool problem

Hi, im trying again. I have a closed face (a road). When I drape this onto a terrain or even a flat surface its not a closed face anymore. Most of the other faces in my model works fine to drape. I can send the model to anyone who can help me


This doesn’t work all the time,

but copy all the lines in the drawing and “paste in place” them to kinda nudge SketchUp to re-think the boundaries again.

If above doesn’t work, feel free to send me the file to take a look.

I tried this in several different ways without success. Maybe it has something to do with that the model was created from an imported DWG file. The skp.file is to large to attach here, can I email it to you?


yes you can.

If it was an import from DWG file, it is quite possible lines are not meeting to create boundaries. Or tiny edges not working properly.

You can give it a go with Edge Tools by ThomThom to fix up any loose edges

I cant find your email?

Issue resolved :smiley:

With some extensions to clean the edges on the road:
Edge Inspector by Fredo6
Edge Tools by ThomThom

Then a bit of manual work after draping.

The imported lines had overlapping, tiny, broken edges…which needed to be fixed prior to drape.
But even after cleaning, drape wasn’t done properly. Probably due to overly complicated terrain itself. (I could have cleaned that one too, but I just left it as is)

Then a bit of manual work with line tool after spotting the problems with Edge Tool

Muchas gracias!

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