Help with student sketchup project

I am a teacher and beginner of SU. My students are creating a house design and we are printing it with our Makerbot Replicator. This specific design doesn’t have roof but it keeps printing one out. Can someone look at the design and see how we can fix it?

Alyssa Meadows Geom. PT1.skp (149.0 KB)

The walls have no thickness so it would appear your slicer software is putting a roof on to make a closed shape.

If the walls are given thickness and there are no internal faces or other issues, the thing should be printable.The other thing is that you want to keep the blue back faces inside the geometry. Only white front faces should be visible.

It would be easiest to draw the footprint of the house and give it some thickness with Push/Pull. Then outline the walls on top of the floor.

Then use Push/Pull to pull up the walls.

It should be printable if you make the shape a group or component and Entity Info shows it to be solid.

Obviously I haven’t added openings for doors yet but see what you get with the STL.
Alyssa Meadows Geom.stl (19.4 KB)

I get this:

Alyssa Meadows Geom. PT1.skp (135.0 KB)


Thanks so much! I will work with her tomorrow and see if we can figure it out!

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