Make Terrain with buildings 3D printable?

Hey guys,

I have a map with buildings from my hometown and wanted to print with my Prusa.
With some help from the forum community here I was able to make the terrain printable. Now the problem is that the house doesn´t come out the right way in the slicer.
The houses won´t print properly, especially the roof. The slicer doesn´t recognize the walls and roof as a solid object, more like just very thin walls.
Some of them are too small too print…
If I export the file as STL the STL is not solid and I tried to make it solid with fusion360 but this didn´t work either…

How can I fix this?
Is there an option in SketchUp where I can make them solid?

I uploaded the original file how I got it from a friend and the one where I added the terrain a volume.

Any help I would appreciate!!!

BR and thanks in advance

originalfile.skp (4.5 MB) TerrainVolumeAdded.skp (4.9 MB)

Part of the problem is shown by Solid Inspector 2:

To be considered a solid and thus 3D printable every edge must be shared by exactly 2 faces. Stray edges would be ones that have no faces attached, Surface borders are edges that only support one face and internal face edges are those that are shared by three or more faces. Fix those and it should be printable.

It’s going to take a lot of manual work to fix it. I ran Intersect Faces on the entire model and then CleanUp3 to get rid of unneeded edges and duplicate faces.
Screenshot - 9_16_2020 , 8_06_04 AM

There’s still a lot of manual cleanup required. You also have issues with buildings that are floating above or at least partially above the terrain surface. The one in the front left corner is a good example.

It also has an internal face under the roof which I’ve hidden here.

And deleted here:

Unfortunately there’s no automated way to fix this stuff because it requires decision making that an extension just can’t do.


ok that sucks…
Is there also no option to convert the STL file in an solid object or any other easier and faster trick to make it printable?
I´m a bloody beginner in sketchup and I think I can not change all the houses…


Is the whole thing coming as a single .stl file? You might try something like Mesh Mixer and see if it will do any magic on your file. Since SketchUp is a surface modeler, its “prime directive” is to create faces where it can. Unfortunately for your application this isn’t the best. As I said before, identifying which ones to get rid of will require decision making that is beyond the capabilities of software.

I suppose another alternative would be to move to a much smaller town. :crazy_face: Sorry.