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Working w Sketchup for the first time. Trying to print Jefferson’s Monticello as an STL on a Uprint SE 3d printer.

I downloaded the Sketchup wearhouse extension and I can upload the file to the printer but I do not know how to just capture the building and not the landscape. So the file is to big.

Can someone offer some simple steps for a wet behind the ears guy. I need to select only the building and then export the file.

How do I do that please?

Is this the model you downloaded?

You can open the main component for editing, unlock the terrain by right clicking on it to select Unlock, and then delete it. you can delete the little bit of ground on the right, too. That’s the easy part. After that, the house which is made of two separate components will need a whole lot of cleanup.

A little bit of it can be fixed automatically by ThomThom’s Solid Inspector2 but the majority is going to need manual work which won’t be easy or fast. You ultimately need to get SketchUp to recognize the entire house as solid.

There are many parts such as the rails on the walkways that are only 2D with an image applied to made it look like a 3D part. In order to be printable, those rails will need to be made 3D. Lots of other bits that need work, too.

Yes it is. I will read your post now and see if I get it or generate more Qs


What if I just attempted to print the main building?

It’s got problems that need fixing, too but there’s fewer of them. It’s not just a simple thing. The rails on the roof are only 2D, there are other areas that are the same, and a number of other issues.

If you want to print a 3d object successfully, then it needs to a be a ‘solid’/

As @DaveR demonstrated it has many issues that need fixing, before it can be regarded as a suitable solid.

It contains nested groups - these must be exploded.
It contains internal partitions - these must be deleted.
It contains faceless-edges - these must be deleted.
It contains several holes - these must be healed.

There are lots more issues as he pointed out…

It can be fixed… but it requires effort on your part…

Oh boy … thanks TIG

Thanks DaveR

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