3-D printing terrain


I have been battling for quite awhile trying to figure out how to take terrain from sketchup and 3-D print it. I know I need to get my model into a solid form but keep running into dead ends, any tips for me?

Without the SKP file we can only guess what is preventing it from being solid. Look for holes, internal faces or extraneous edges and clean them up. You might get TIG’s Solid Solver or ThomThom’s Solid Inspector3 to help.

Thanks, I am giving the solids inspector a try, seems to be holes in the mesh as one problem.

That’s not surprising. You might find it easier to fix them if you make a component of the geometry, copy it and scale the copy up by a factor of 100 or so. When you are finished, close the large copy and delete it. Return to the original and you should be set.

Wow that is genious.

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