Help with cupped models

Hi there,
Can someone help me with this design for 3D printing? I had a tool in the old version of SketchUp and I figure out the new tools to do the same actions! I’m trying to make this a miniature apron front sink for a kitchen. I need the exterior part to all be filled, but the sink part open, obviously. When I transfer into my printing software, it only prints the very thin exterior edge (if that makes sense). Any tips on what tool I should be using to fill in those gaps is appreciated too! Thanks so much!
kitchen sink 3.skp (1.7 MB)

First problem is reversed faces. You need to have front faces toward air. Back faces (shown in blue) toward the print media.

Second, the sink isn’t a solid group. Solid Inspector 2 shows the issue.

In order to be a solid, every edge in the object must be shared by exactly two faces. No more, and no less.

What does this mean? Do you want it to be all filled except for the basin?

Also the strainer/drain object will need attention to make it a solid.

Looking at a section cut of your model, it is clear that the sink is just a skin with no thickness. If you zoom in close to the strainer you can see it is also just a zero-thickness skin.

What is it you actually want to print? How do you want to have the sink end up so that there’s thickness in the thing?

Edit: I modified the sink to make it a solid object and I corrected the face orientation. In the section you can see how there’s now thickness and actually some place for the print media to exist.

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Wonderful! That’s the part I was struggling with. Let me see if that works! Thanks SO much for the help!