Making and merging a solids modeling spoon shape with a flat solid surface



Hello. I am a first timer here and something of an old geezer as well. I am working on a design that I would like to 3D print and I am having trouble with my drafting abilities. I want to draw a shape that is somewhat like a spoon on edge and merge it with a flat surface. I have created the shapes (3) that I wanted for the spoon portion and after making them into components, I attempted to us the solids “trim” tool but without success. Any help out there?


Hard to say without the model. Can you upload here and we’ll take a look?


Thanks for the reply Cat man.
The model is what I am working at making but having problems forming the cup shaped piece with thickness so as to make it 3D printable. Its shape is similar to a cupped drawer pull.



Supply the SKP of parts.
Without it you’ll not get much useful help.
Describing what you are doing is not going to result in a solution…
Help us to help you.


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