Help with creating/adding Solar Panels homes

I recently started a new job at a solar panel energy company. It’s a very small company and my boss asked me to learn how to use sketch-up and geo-location, then create and add solar panels to the homes. I know my way around a computer but this is completely new territory for me. If I can master the few things he wants me to learn I will be (hopefully) indispensable. I have watched videos but the ones that show solar panels are already created and they just paste it to the home. I need to know how to make the 3-D solar panel and add it to the roof. I know how to make the 4x6 rectangle, he wants me to make a 30% 8’ but it’s rest is lost on me. I have the sketchUp missing manual but it’s an older version.
I need help finding videos that go through step by step. He is giving me until Monday to learn how to do this. I’m trying to work on this 2 hours each night.

That’s kind of a short time frame to learn SketchUp but it won’t hurt to try. You should start by looking at the videos available through the site so you can get the basics down.

What kind of detail is your boss expecting for the houses and the solar panels?

One issue is he is from Israel so there is a language issue but he wants me to have the roof pitch, the panel 4’x6’ the angle, (30%) and the height of the panel 8’
He doesn’t know the program and he was impressed by my computer navigation and I have been trying for 2 weeks to learn the program so I have a handle of the easy stuff. I’ve been watching the videos on YouTube but they aren’t giving me what I need. This weekend I will be watching all the sketchup tutorials and going through them step by step.

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask.

I suggest uploading your initial attempt as soon as you have one available and you will get more specific information based on what you show us.

You can attach a skp file to this thread by clicking on the upload arrow (7th icon from the left) in the reply box.

After talking with my boss yesterday afternoon. He wants this to be a ground mount. not on a roof.
This is my personal lap top and haven’t done anything on this yet.

Draw a rectangle 4’×6’, rotate it by 30deg, then move it 8’ on the blue axis.

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