Soiar design question - how to fix "streaky" rectangles/solar panels

I am using SketchUp to do solar energy system designs, by using Geo-location to pull out a photo of a residential home onto SketchUp, and then copying and pasting the solar panels onto the roof. What happens is that as I move and paste the solar panel it often “streaks”, which looks odd, and frankly unpresentable to a client. I need to have solid colored panels to put on the roof, and my question to the group is how can I do this? Thanks!

That’s called Z-fighting. Two faces sharing the same space. Move your solar panels up above the image of the roof.

Thank you Dave! Grateful if you can elaborate a bit, and describe how one moves the solar panel “above the image of the roof”. Joe

Select the “solar panels” you drew and use the Move tool to move them in the Z direction. You’ll need to orbit around so you are looking at the model space more from the side. Just use the Move tool on the panels, then. There’s no special procedure. Just basic SketchUp stuff.

Since you’re already in 3D, you should try to model the roof and place the panels on top of it.

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