Anyone know about solar assist?

I need someone to help our company get the solar assist extension for sketch up, or point me in the right direction.

Extension Warehouse : Solar North

Google Account req.

The Solar North extension requires an active SketchUp Pro license.
Are you running SketchUp Pro?

When browsing the Extension Warehouse, is there some way to list only those extensions that require a Pro license?

currently not, version only (besides category etc.).

Attached is the toolbar I need. Any ideas?

Drag the toolbar out of the toolbar section, which title is displayed?

I only have a picture of what we used to use. I need to find these buttons
for my new company. I see solar assist as being one of buttons. The main
buttons we need are the blue square, it allows you to draw the roof line
and it auto populates the solar panels.

did you google Sketchup solar plugin?
search by image and you might spot it…

check Archelios, Skelion and Array-O-Matic.

I did and I don’t see it

What about Edlite? I believe the program is called Edlite and we need this,
how do we obtain?

we can get whatever we need. Have you heard of this Edlite? Solarassist?

Perhaps you are referring to D light.

No, Edlite with Sketch up