Help with applying material

How would y’all go about adding a checkered material to the inside of a round flexible pool?
SKP file and PNG file attached.pool_upload.skp (245.0 KB)

Check this article for more information about Adding Colors and Textures with Materials.

I suggest you redo the pool model, as it has too many small and erratic faces. A better method would be to revolve a profile around a circle with say 36 edges using the follow me tool. The profile itself would be best if edges are not less than 1 or 2",

Pool size (flexible? Where does that come in) now is approximately 10’.
The tile size does matter. You normally don’t have a variety of tile sizes and shapes, they are one size and square. Unless it’s going to be sort of a “printed” texture on a polyester pool or something like that.
Maybe some more information will help, to avoid guessing.

I know how to create and use materials…
I was trying to use FredoTools > ThruPaint to apply the material but can not get it to work.

I can not use a revolved surface because bottom of pool is round and top of pool has ten sides.

Flexible = polyester

I used Curviloft to get the shape. If there is a better way to get the shape let me know, please.

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