Help! Why do I have trouble viewing this file?

OK, so I’ve been having trouble viewing models from another Sketchup user.
I’m on SU17, they’re on SU16. Saving to SU17 didn’t help.
Files are quite big ~ 16MB. Most of the size is due to some of the materials/textures used. I wondered if this might be the problem, so deleted all/most and saved the file down to 1.8MB, but still problems viewing/navigating the model … SU goes unresponsive for 10-15 seconds and screen doesn’t refresh.
My machine is an i7 with 8GB RAM Win 10 Pro and has no problem viewing loads of other complex models in the past. This is a simple model! So I’m confused and wondered if anyone could suggest what it possibly going wrong.
Its driving me nuts, really appreciate your help on this!
The files are located here:

The foliage on the wall is intensely complex and is killing the model.
Remove the three groups or put them on a hidden layer until you need them.
Also helps to Purge your file.
Have a look here, I have put them on a layer and turned it off.
HERALD ISLAND 2017 8Box.skp (690.6 KB)

Thank you very much Box! Much appreciated.

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