Help wanted with visualisation for 2 homes in countryside project - NOW COMPLETED -THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR INTEREST

My help with this project suffered a computer meltdown and is unable to continue the work for us on this project - a visualisation of 2 homes in a countryside setting.
We may be able to recover the work in progress file which would then just need some tweaking or might have to start again if not. Have a page with examples I can email through.
Have a budget of up to $400USD - maybe more depending on extra work to enhance the project.
Let me know if you think you can help and an email address I can communicate more directly through.
Many thanks, John

Make sure whomever you choose to do the job for you is qualified. That includes having a legit license for SketchUp Pro or Shop. Based on their profiles the two who have offered so far are not qualified. The first one listed a version that has never existed.

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But Dave, he has a TWELVE graphics card! That’s like a dozen!

To echo Dave’s concern, be sure you screen the people thoroughly, and get references from others on here if possible. Not necessarily of their work quality, but of their legitimatecy alone.


Hello John,

Please check my PM.


A third hobbyist. With a 78 graphics card. When I was a kid I liked to play old 78 rpm records my parents had saved from their youth.

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