I need a "tutor" to help me with my only one project

I have received replies so I am thankful and should be ok now. Thanks to everyone!

I’m an amateur at this. Like brand new.

I’m 70 years old and trying to get a basic concept drawn up for a property I need to sell for my retirement income (I’m broke unless I can convert this property into cash for more than it would sell for now as just dirt.).

I’m trying to use Sketchup to create a rudimentary file to the point where I can use it as a “show and tell” prop while explaining to artists/experts in 3D , I want to be at least somewhat familiar with the process hoping it will help me be better aware and therefore a better customer. If I’m able to explain clearly what I want and understand clearly what is involved I’m hopeful I can avoid wasting time and money by misleading, miscalculating and/or misunderstanding.

I would like to end up with a better than average looking experience of a digital 3D flyin/around animation of what the property could/should look like the first time… without redo.

This property in the right hands (someone wealthy) can absorb a tremendous amount of improvements and still be sensible)… it’s that special of a piece.

Also, I need this video to be available asap (like by Spring) as I’m out of money now. I know for sure that such a video will communicate what I need better than the alternative which is to expect buyers to physically visit the property and “imagine”.

The right buyer is very wealthy and likely very far away so the video has to be mounted on a large international high quality real estate site.

So far when I’ve tried to approach 3D/Video experts all I’ve been able to do is verbally describe… and that has failed miserably.

By learning what I’ve learned so far I’m way further along appreciating the complexities but have a lot more to understand if I’m to commission the work correctly first time.

Essentially I need to complete a preliminary Sketchup rendering of my 160 acre parcel (using the of actual terrain TIN that is located in rural Montana *Whitefish area) with “improvement” concepts (buildings, roadway, pathways, water/wetlands areas and other landscaping treatments)… the specifications of which are not necessarily fixed so any existing models or procedures would be OK… no need to build anything overly custom. Just use existing stuff and focus on making it all as “realistic” as we can on a retiree’s budget. :)…

The improvements I have been trying to “import” come from existing Sketchup warehouse models and some photos of the property.

I’d be happy to pay for your help but would need someone to trust me a little as I can’t afford to pay for time and/or concepts that won’t survive the process. Obviously once the property is sold I would have the money. I can pay and promise to pay based on some arrangement/agreement we can work out. I’m a real person with a real issue, of good character. I can be trusted to do the right thing and I will. I just need a teacher to help me better and more quickly comprehend and execute my plan rather than me continuing to wander around from web site to web site and then playing with the software (that’s fun but I don’t have the time… literally).

I think all I need is someone to be available probably by email. Just so someone can quickly see where I’m stuck.

If you can help out an old man I’d love to hear from you. Cheers!

Maybe I could help.


I think you meant ...@gmail.com, with an “L”.

yes, johnsmeworks@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who responded. I apologize for the typos. I very
much appreciate this. Cheers!

Have you got the help you needed? Or do you still want people to respond here?

I’m OK, I’ve had three responses. Thanks

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