Help SketchUp Viewer crashes in iOS12

I can’t use the SketchUp Viewer after my iPad updated to iOS 12. When I launch it, it just pauses, then it jumps back to the main screen with all the Apps icons.

Please I didn’t read there was any incompatibility with iOS12.

How big is the model? Sometimes, closing all other apps helps (double click on the home button and swipe all apps away) Undoubtly, the new IOS version is larger then the former…

What IPad model?

I am on an iPhone 8 IOS 12 and it works for me…

mine keeeps crashing too!.. iphone 8s 64GB OS 12.1.14. closed other apps!!

IPad Air with 64G and version 12.1.4 now crashes with no other apps running. Are the developers addressing this issue?

Same problem. iPad Air 2, 64GB. IOS 12.1.4. No other apps open.

I did an OS update. Removed & re-install Viewer! Works again… created Trimble account.

Looks like yesterday’s SketchUp Viewer update is fixing the issue for folks who reported it. Thanks for your help in tracking down the problem!

If you are still experiencing a problem, check the App Store for an update (SketchUp Viewer 5.0.1 “Fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash on certain device configurations”)


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V5 Not crashing any more on iOS 10.3.3.

But only a blank screen.

Just make v4 available already until you get v5 sorted.
I know its not that hard.
I’d be embarrassed if I were you.
I’m embarrassed for you.

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