Help, Sketchup cannot start due to license error

I cant open the Sketchup because of this error. When i try open the Sketchup, this error came about: ‘‘Sketchup cannot start due to license error’’
What should i do?

What kind of license do you have? Subscription or Classic?

I have classic


That error shows up before you even see the terms and conditions, or enter a license or sign in. It took over a year to track down what causes it, but we added a work around in SketchUp 2020.2.

Which exact version of SketchUp are you on? BTW, 2020.2 has its own issues in LayOut, and you may want to end up on 2020.1.1, but it would be worth using 2020.2 to solve the license error, then return to 2020.1.1 if you see problems where LayOut crashes.

Here are short urls direct to the 2020.2 installer, and the 2020.1.1 installer:

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