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Where to get laterst RoundCorner for SU8? I checked SketchupUcation plugin store but there is 3.2b certificated for SU 2017. I have 2.3 installed but now I stuck some problem, what could be fixed in later version…

Can you tell me where is fault? I cannot see. No soft or hidden edges in the selection.

Does author or the “Round Corner” Aidan Chopra has account here?

This is what I need to ask him or anyone who knows the SU8 version good enough.

I select these blue entities and use Round Corners 2.3 in SU8. The red area must not be selected. The tool shows error for me but I see no error when I check the edges in preview.

test.skp (621.4 KB)

After solving this one I have one more file.

Delete.skp (519.8 KB)

Where also happens error. I noticed that there are the orange edges and I think the solution here would be to replace the corners from that shape to the second shape on the image. It worked for small isolated area where one square was elevated (a separate hill). But how can I solve this complicated model with round corners?

Settings for both models

What makes you think Aidan Chopra is the author of Round Corner? He’s not. It’s Fredo6. You can contact him through SketchUcation.

Round Corner is not a good tool for what you are trying to do. You could make it work in some areas but you need to do a better job of selecting only the edges where the round corners are needed.

You should be using the right tool for the job. Use SubD or another one of the tools designed to create terrain.

On on some page I read related with this plugin. I closed it. IDK.

Evidently that page gave you incorrect information.

This is the advantage of RoundCorners it can detect the corners… And it shows the paths and is pretty fast.

As I see SubD introduction video I see his disadvantage is it create a lot of subdivisions, which is what I want to prevent of.

OK. Then do as I said and limit the selection to only the edges that need to be rounded.

Error Loading File TT_SUbD.rb
P:/PROGRAMY/grafika/Tremble/SketchUp 8/Plugins/TT_SUbD.rb:31: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘)’
…tension_json, symbolize_names: true).freeze

I wonder, I could not find the Fredo6 profile to send him a message on sketchucation. Also I cannot find any section to ask there for SU in general…

The RoundCorners also can work with selecting of individual edges. But I would like to find out how the tool works. It is great tool but without understanding I can not use its full capacity/abilities.

For example - why the red intersection is problem - fault - and is it possible to solve it? How? I noticed it is possible to switch between rounded (orange/Pivot) edge and regular. But this does not help the problem here.

RoundCorners will not do what you think…

it will make many additional edges and faces when it does work…

and it will destroy any images on the faces it modifies…

SubD has never worked on v8 and never will…

if you want a low-poly mesh you need to make it, it will use triangles even if you can’t see them…

look for game asset’s terrain and you may find an old extension…

or learn ruby and write your own…


I see, it is too much of work with RoundCorners. It can do just simple objects.

The main issue of RC is that when there is intersection with more than 3 edges so it gives a fault.

no, the problem is your grid is just wrong for it…

it works well on ‘clean’ shapes without random junctions and extra edges…


My first success with the first image. When the fault displays, there is little red square which marks the junction with problem. I can drag the problematic edge so it will remove the complicated junction and reduce it from 5 to 4 edges. After correction of 5 these edges I managed to finish the mountain ridge.

So first assumption to finish it with RoundedCorners is to create such elevation, which will not create these complication.

I finished it with Sandbox - Smoove tool

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