Alternative to RoundCorner Plugin?



It’s not working in SU 2017… outdated signature (i asked for an update on the plugin’s Sketchucation thread).
But as SU2017 is out for a while, and i don’t see more requests about it, i guess most people are using other tools?

As a workaround, i thought i would do the operation in SU16… But it seems i can’t copy-paste from 17 to 16… only 16 to 17?


As DaveR pointed out in that thread, it does work in 2017.
Make sure you have downloaded the most up to date version, and the updated Libfredo to go with it.


So you haven’t even tried it and have announced it doesn’t work. You couldn’t be more wrong.

This model was made entirely in SketchUp 2017 and all the radiused edges were made with Fredo’s Round Corner.

This cutting board was also drawn in SketchUp 2015. The juice groove was done with Round Corner.

If you really want an alternative, use Follow Me.


Thanks both…
I DID try quite a bit, but not enough… It was due to the toolbar automatically opening after install in SU16 but not SU17, and me not finding a menu entry.
Got it now.


This is correct. SketchUp Data is not backward compatible. You can always move SketchUp data FORWARD, but not backwards.


However you can save the SU 2017 file as SU 2016 and then open it is SU 2016


I had a time with getting this too.

This worked for me.

Download Fredo6 Library libFred06 v7.5b

Download Fredo6 RoundCorner v3.1b

Go to Window>Extension Manager>Install extension and navigate to your downloaded files above and install. I installed the library first and then the plugin and did not have to restart sketchup, the roundcorner menu with the three icons shows up.

You can also download the Library “libfredo6” from extension warehouse but I did not try that route.