Help! Rectangle measurements way off

Im trying to learn SketcUp by following turorials.
when drawing rektangles and typing in values. and then the mesurments are way off after.
im so frustrated abut this!!
in the picture I have dialed 100,100 and enter. shape changes… but measurments are wrong.
this shuld have been a sqare. im using construction and metric/centimeter
please help!

Im using windows10.
coreI7/Geforse GTX 1050Ti

I’m going to guess that you are trying to click in the measurement box before you type, don’t.
Start drawing the rectangle then just let go of the mouse and type 100,100 and hit enter.

Ah But of course, try using ; instead of ,

no. i dont click on meashurment box. i just draw and type the digits.

Type 100:100 instead of 100,100
So don’t use a comma but a semicolon as separator between fields.

You may be using a non US keyboard setting.

Oops, didn’t see the end of @Box’s answer.

semicolon didnt do anything

Check your regional settings, what does your system use as decimal separator and list separator?

region Norway.
have also tried England and US.
decimal seperator and list seperator is above my head:(
i dont know how to check:(

Thank God!!
; did the trick! a bit more complicated thou.
Ive been using several hours on this. wasted a lot of my life on this!
do u know why its like that?

my settings

You could have saved yourself a lot of hours of your life if you’d looked at how the dimensions were displayed and the separator between them in the Measurements window as you dragged out the rectangle. Mine shows a comma. Yours will show a semi colon.

It’s like that because the comma is used as a decimal separator on your system.

desimaltegn: decimal sign (opposed to integers)
listeskilletegn: list separator character (meaning between X-value and Y-value (and Z-value))

Thank u so much!

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