Rectangle measurments

when i draw a rectangle and type in measurements, i don’t know which measurement i have to type in first. Is there any good fast tricks to remember this?
I know that order of axis is:

  1. red
  2. green
  3. blue
    But sometimes im deep in model and i cannot see exact axis.
    Or is there a shortcut to turn it around fast if i go wrong way?


When you perform your first click and move the cursor, pay attention to the measurement readout and see which one is larger. That is your indicator. Wish there was a rule :slight_smile:

Since I can never remember whatever rule there may be, I always drag a rectangle to an exaggerated aspect and then look at the measurements window to see whether the longer side came first or second. It’s easier once you have existing stuff at the corners so you can snap to that.

This is how im doing it so far, but when you have some numbers to remember it can get frustrating :smile:

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Well, you can always go the slower way and set some guides first.

My impression is that the direction you first move your mouse governs which dimension is the bigger one - it’s the one your first move makes longer than the other. Pity it isn’t consistently x, y.

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