Measurements toolbox

The sizes of the panels do not adopt the values entered in the Measurements tool box. When I type the two numbers such as 3,7 the graphic corrects the first value but not the second

Which panels? Panels are components?
Which tool do you use?
Do you press the enter key after typing the new parameter?
What is your computers locale and decimal delimiter?

Please describe exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and the exact steps you take. SU is very fussy about the way you enter values, so leave nothing out.


I made a rectangle with the rectangle tool. After completing the figure in an proximate size I type in the measurements tool box the exact values I desire. The resulting rectangle is modified only to the first value but not the second. Moreover, if the first value is a decimal or a fraction, nothing gets modified after I press Enter

As I previously mentioned, we need to know exactly what you typed in, including spaces and punctuation, as well as what specific actions you took to enter the value.

Also, please indicate your locale (where in the world you are) as Aerilius requested.


To reinforce what @Aerilius and @Gully_Foyle said: the way that SketchUp parses what you type into for measurements depends on your locale. For example, in places that use comma as a decimal point, you must use a semicolon to separate fields.

Thank you for your patience.

I am in Canada thus I use the “,” to separate the values.
The sequence to create the rectangle is as follows:
I click in the rectangle tool.
Then I bring the tip of the pen to the origin.

Then I click and drag the rectangle until I get to approximate size, let’s say 3 1/4 and 4 7/8
Then I release the mouse and the rectangle is formed.
Then I type with the key board the desired length using a nomenclature such as "3,5"
Then I press Enter

The result to this is that the rectangle get to be 3 x 4 7/8

After selecting the rectangle tool
I click an release the mouse and then move the mouse to get the approximate size
then I enter the desired values
then I press enter.

The result is a rectangle with the correct dimension for the first value but the second value remain the wrong one.

I try to make an exact rectangle using lines and that work well
I make a line and type its desired value, then I make another line at 90 degrees and type is desired value, then the other two parallel lines are of the correct values so I achieve a rectangle with the proper dimension after pressing the enter for the last line but I find this process very tedious if the rectangle tool could do it properly with one sets of values
Thanks again for your help

My Apologies to all of you. Apparently Canada uses the “;” to separate the values. That work.

Thanks for all your input


I have a similar problem.
I bring the tip of the pen to the origin then click with the left then start dragging the rectangular to a random shape. I start typing 24", 48" hit enter, and it only jumps to 24" on the red axis and on the green it stays wherever I randomly dragged. I tried different locales too it did not help. If I type it is “;” then the origin point it the center point of the rectangular.

I’m from the US and when I used the website version I had no such problem.

Can you please help me out?

Are you dragging or do you let go of the mouse button?
Try this:
Click to start first corner (let go of mouse button)
Move the cursor in a direction (watch the measurement box: what units? what delimeter? What direction is the first?)
Let go of the mouse and start typing in that same format.
Hit enter. Done.
Not right? Type the correct, while still in this action, you can retype the values.

Pick up the mouse for your next action!

I did let go of the mouse, and typed then enter but not working.
Now if I start at the origin and click (let go) pull out, if I type in the measurements and hit enter it does not snaps to those lengths.

If I create a rectangle first then give measurements it only snaps the first length on the red axis.

I’m not sure if it’s some kind of a settings issue or not. I’ve used the website version a lot in the lest few weeks so I know how it should work.

Having this setting to Click-drag-release would be confusing in this case. Although one would find out soon enough. The ‘Rectangle’ tool should then accept these two values.