Help, please. 2020Pro has stopped running

I’ve upgraded to 2020Pro from 2019 on my PC running Windows 10. I’ve just resetup all my Toolbars and re-installed all my pluins and extensions. On rebooting my computer 2020Pro won’t run. I’ve tried running it as administrator but no go. 2019 runs fine. Any ideas, please?

What happens when you try to run 2020? How are you opening it?

Hi, I have run the check and my system and Graphics card all check out ok. 2020 was running ok before setting up the plugins and rearranging the toolbars to match my 2019 setup. I was first just double-clicking as I would any other program, then I tried ‘Run as Administrator’… nothing happens. I rebooted the system and the same result. 2019 on a perpetual licence opened up as normal.

Hi Guys I was going to do a reinstall and noticed they have a repair option. I carried that out. Victory! Doing the repair worked. Why it was necessary I don’t know:)