HELP PLACING FLOORS - fast tricks & tips!?

I need to know if there are any fast ways to insert white block for flooring? Or any plug-ins?
I imported a file from Revit but it didn’t come with floors. I have some abnormal curved walls and such, and it seems like it is going to take forever to zoom in and draw lines around the walls to generate a floor in the rooms…
The computer I use is ASUS Zenbook Flip 15

I got a free floor generator plugin, but it is only to place textures on the white box… I need help creating the white box in the first place tho…

Or was there a way to import this with blank flooring in each room? Should I have done that in revit first?

If I were doing it, I would draw a large rectangle at the level of the floor and use Intersect Faces to get the outline of the floor on the rectangle. Then I would erase what isn’t the floor and give it some thickness before grouping the geometry.


Genius. Thank you so much.
Any idea why it only recognizes some rooms and not others?
Should I be highlighting model and rectangle before right click > intersect faces
Or just click the rectangle and intersect

Also there is an intersect with model or intersect with selection option?
Sorry for all the questions, I haven’t ever used intersect faces

Pretty hard to tell from just your small screenshot.

Normally right clicking on the rectangular face would be enough.

In this case you’d want With Model. There are reasons to use the others in different situations.

No need to apologize. You should go through the educational content at before you go any further with your model.

[building shell.skp|attachment] [redacted]
here is my sketchup model
I was able to get some of the floors in there, but it is still not recognizing walls ?!

and when I draw a big box, intersect faces, and try to erase the lines it erases the whole box

Okay nevermind actually, I finally got each room to be it’s own. I kept wondering why the big part in my waiting and reception area kept going to other rooms, but then I remembered those rooms have open arched doorways so that’s gotta be why the floor bleeds into those rooms!

Thanks for all your help

There are also some gaps in the boundaries of rooms that will cause adjacent areas to bleed together or leak to the outside. Here are two that I found. There may be others.

One can also see a lot of places where rectangular objects either overlap or leave a wedge opening where they meet. This is no doubt an aspect of the way the Revit model was built. It looks great until you zoom in close and see these kinds of glitches everywhere.

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Omg thank you! I did not even know some of my walls weren’t attached! Thank you for pointing this out.
Yes, my Revit model was just to get the basic floorplan so I could send it to SketchUp for modeling-didn’t have time to do everything exact & line up columns etc so that makes sense that there are some minor errors-whoops!

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