Help with speeding up flooring?

Hi all, I hope I’ve added this to the right category-

Basically, I wondered if there’s a way of speeding up the flooring in my models. I use 1x1m tiles for all my projects and thought maybe there’s a way of using them as smart components to cover all of the surface area of the floor?

Right now, I have to make the floor a group, extrude it, add in the grouped tiles, explode them, intersect them, then trim off the excess.

Surely there’s an easier way?
Thanks! I’ve attached an example of some work I’ve completed, just as a reference to show how the flooring is implemented.

You can do it with a texture, that’s the fastest and easiest way to do that. You can create your own texture if you don’t find something that you like, out of a texture you can create the different maps so you get the bump and reflections on the render, it will even render faster cause you won’t have that extra geometry on the floor, it will be just a flat floor.

Amazing, thanks francisquitof!