Missing post "How to make Sketchup Run Faster"

Several posts reference “How to make Sketchup Faster”, but that seems to have been deleted:

How to make SketchUp Run Faster

I’m looking for ways to speed things up, short of deleting detail in the model. Some questions–

  1. Should making layers non-visible significantly reduce the performance impact of geometry on the hidden layer(s)?

  2. Does use of hierarchy impact performance? For example having 10 unique sets of geometry, versus having a component/group repeated 10 times?

  3. How can I tell if more memory or a new GPU will help?

Delete unnecessary detail in the model. That is by far the most effective method to speed things up.

  1. Yes, a little. also, turning off shadows and profiles helps a little.
  2. Very slightly. Component nesting has some impact.
  3. Look in Task Manager: if Windows uses more memory than available (resorts to virtual memory) then an upgrade helps. GPU upgrade, if you already have a somewhat modern one, has quite a slight impact.
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Wish I could give two solutions.


In my case, 28% memory usage, GPU near 0%, but I’ve added so much to the model it’s become too slow to do more.

I’m already turning off layers when focusing on parts of the model that don’t need them, but that doesn’t seem to help much.

I think I’ll have to simplify things, and have multiple models.