Sketchup, Texture Atlas and Texture Tiling


I’m using SketchUp Make for a VR app, modeling some buildings in it and then exporting it to FBX format for Unity.

The problem is the following :
Unity CPU processing is faster when it uses fewer materials, or rather when it changes materials less often.
What I want to do to achieve that is to combine all textures into a single Texture Atlas to have one single material but textured differently.
It works great with textures that completely cover a surface, however, so far, not so much with Tiled textures.

Indeed, Sketchup allows us to position the texture, wich basically solves the first case, but for the tiled textures, positionning isn’t enough, I need to “cut” the texture in rectangular shapes (well, squares would do too).
Is there a way to achieve that with SketchUp Make? SketchUp Pro? Some plugins? Maybe if I import my model to another software and then to Unity instead of directly going from SU to Unity?

Thanks for any piece of informations you can share with me !

If you model with quads, then you could try UV toolkit²
It has a feature to stretch a texture to a quad-face, so you would’t have to tile it.

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Hmmmm, that should work for mono colored material, but not really for real tiles, as I don’t want them to stretch.
Well, I could probably get it to work for tiles but only if I actually tile the quad faces myself and then apply to them the tile part of the texture atlas, but this means having more vertices, and kinda defeats the purpose of the whole thing wich is optimizing the model !

But I’ll keep it in mind that I can use that (for mono colored materials only) if no better solution comes up. Thanks :slight_smile: