Combine several materials into one

I have a small town project that I intend to use for studies in Unity. When I was creating the city many times I created components, which can only be edited if I select them. My problem is, I have several concrete materials in my inventory of materials, how can I select all these materials and merge them into one?
Thank you, sorry for my english, i’m from Brasil.

SketchUp does not create an image atlas map natively but have a look at this old post on SketchUcation.

It looks like combining all the textures into one is not an issue using the TIG-TextureBaker.rbz but if you are needing the mapping to go along with it, that may be a bit more work

I hope this helps


i know that sketchup don’t atlase textures natively (this could be a incredible resource).
I just want some way of letting the faces that have a certains types of material respond to a single material.
I tried to use the plugin you sent me. but with no success for what I want.
Thanks friend!

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