How to combine several layers into 1

After importing a model, layers on which different parts of this model were modeled were copied into the scene. It is hard to work with a large number of layers

If you delete a tag/layer that is in use, SketchUp will ask what you want to do with the things that used it. Choose a tag you want to keep. Repeat for each extra layer.

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It worked. Thanks

How do I know which texture belongs to which object?

Click on a component and then look in entity info.

In current editing context if you right click on the material in a question, in Material tray, the painted object can be selected. However if the material is nested in more deep - e.g. the material applied to face inside group/ component - you have to go to that object editing context, to be able to select.

You can also use the Entity info tray to check the material of selected object.

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or use the eyedrop tool in the material panel.

use it on the object and it’ll select the material in question in the panel.

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Thank you. Is it possible to group materials?