How to identify or match an existing applied material?

I am having trouble identifying what material is applied previously on certain surfaces. I would like to match that material and apply it to another surface.

have the Material panel open (Window->Default Tray Material should be ‘ticked’)
Click on the little house-icon in that panel, to see the ‘In Model collection’
Press ‘B’ (or select the paintBucket icon and watch the status bar bottom left:
The ‘modifier’ key for sampling material is the Alt key:
Mouse-over the wanted material, hold Alt (cursor changes in a pipet) and then click!
Now release Alt and your bucket is filled with the material and it is highlighted in the Material Panel.

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Thank you. Works perfectly.

Miho Mihov

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Found this topic while googling for the same problem. I wonder if there’s no place in Sketchup where the material of component is presented as text? So the only way to know the material is using eyedropper tool? This sounds insane.

In you have the component selected you can open the SketchUp console and put:

This information for the selected entity can be found by clicking on the material “icon” (close to upper left corner) of the Entity Info Tray, then click on Edit button.

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Thanks a lot!

Material Replacer is a great tool for certain situations, and sometime I (mis)use it for this puropose: When you start the process, hovering over any any face shows the text name of the texture, so if all I want is to ID the name, I just do that and cancel out the rest of the process. (screen capture omits the actual cursor here)
Screen Shot 2024-02-18 at 1.15.40 PM
I’d like a tool that does this. In fact it would be nice to have one that places a text label with the name of the texture you point to.