Show material in model

Does anyone know if there is a way to “find” materials in Sketchup? I am trying to use material replacer to shrink large image sizes but I don’t know where some of them are and not sure how to find them without hunting through the model until the one I am looking for gets selected.

Which replacer are you using? If you used the material resize extension:

it will list all of the materials, showing their sizes. You can choose to have any textures over a certain size be reduced to a smaller size.

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@colin I do know about material replacer but more specifically I was looking for a plugin or method where if I select a color in the materials browser it would show me where that material is in the model so that I would know how to rename it or if I want to resize it. If I have a model with a lot of materials that aren’t named well and I want to start organizing it, it would save time to be able to find that material in the model fast so I’m not hunting around for it. Hopefully that makes sense!

As a possible work around, you could fill a face with a material you’re curious about, then right-click on the face, Select, All with Same Material.

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Does that require all groups and components to be exploded?

It does seem to only select faces in the same context, so may not be a useful work around.