Determining what Texture is already applied in Mac version

In the Windows version of SketchUp, I can use the eyedropper tool to figure out what texture has been applied to a face or object in the model. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that in the Mac version.

You could get that information from Entity Info.

I’m on a Mac, and I use the eyedropper tool to do the same. It should highlight the material in the material browser upon sampling.

On a Mac, the little eyedropper icon on the Materials (aka Colors) panel activates the OS pixel color sampler. To get SketchUp’s material sampler, activate the paint bucket tool then press and hold the command key while you click on the material you want to sample.

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Yes, that worked. Thanks. Holding command gives the SketchUp eyedropper, and if my paint bucket material browser is in the correct category tab (so I can’t be in “metals” to find a glass texture, I need to switch to “in model”), it will draw a blue rectangle around the texture, but then I guess the only way to get the name of the texture is to double click the texture in the material browser to go into edit mode, or hover over the texture in the browser for 3 seconds and wait for the pop-up there? In Windows, the eyedropper gives me the name of the texture in a little pop-up. Much more direct and efficient. Thanks again for the quick help.

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One would presume, but it’s clunky. Entity info doesn’t give me a name. I have make sure the bucket material browser is open, then in entity info, click on the texture box there, then go back to the material browser, make sure I’m in the category “in model” and like for the tiny blue highlight, then double click that texture preview to go into edit mode and get the name. I was looking for a more direct way, like in Windows when it just pops up the name when you hover the Sketchup eyedropper over the material.

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It will do the same on Mac, it might be slower, though (maybe dependent on how many materials there are in your model) Just wait a while…

Thanks. Yes, that is a bit of a lag. Like 5 seconds on my machine. Time for an upgrade. Thanks to everyone for your help with this.

So something is supposed to happen if I just hover like this for five seconds? Nada on mine…

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In the colorpanel, like in windows :grinning: :apple:

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It would be wonderful if it worked that way, wouldn’t it. It doesn’t, though. See attached.

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Ah - thanks for showing that

Is anybody finding that sampling a material takes much longer in the latest version of SKP? I’m on a mac myself and it’s beginning to really slow down my work flow.