Help on how makes lines scale to shape of circular building

Hi, can you please help I’m trying to model an airport tower building which is like a conical cylinder shape and then draws circular lines around the surface of the shape where I’ll cut windows and add designs.
I have downloaded and installed tools on a surface plugin which is very impressive but unfortunately the circular lines on the surface I have placed cant follow the slant of the conical shape. If I draw a cylinder without circular lines on the surface I can downscale the top part and make it a conical shape, but If draw circular lines on the surface of the cylinder and downscale I cant achieve my conical shape. I have attached a link with a screenshot of what I’m trying to model, hopefully, my explanation makes sense.

The building I’m trying to model here:

Also, what will the best way to put windows around the conical shape as I have tried push and pull but tools on the surface plugin don’t allow? Any help I’ll greatly appreciate, thanks in advance.

I would use fredo scale box tapering.


Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate your great support you such a life saver you have really helped me that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Adding to Michael’s comments, I would suggest distilling the parts of the tower into a component and copying around. Make the tapered ring section with twice as many sections as there are windows, draw one window and make it a component, copy it around 23 times (or whatever.) Make that ring a group and move it upwards and reduce its scale a bit.


Wow, thanks once again you guys are amazing that’s really some great techniques that’s outstanding I have a lot to learn for sure. If I may ask did you use fredo as well to create those windows and designs? I’m still a newbie but very keen to learn and grasp things fast. Thanks in advance for continuous support.