Converting a cylinderal model into a cone



does anybody know how to convert a complicated model with cylinder shape into a cone ??
I know I can scale the top of cylinder to decrease upper cap but that works only for simple cylinder without anydetail , I want to convert a whole component into a cone ?


I don’t quite follow your question. Could you upload a skp file that illustrates what you want?


Sounds like tapering… Check Fredoscale :


thank you for concern, I want to turn this component into a cone one not cylinderal


still guessing if you don’t upload a picture, or better the .skp file to explain what it exactly is what you want…
7th icon from left is the upload button…


sample.skp (182.6 KB)


this’s just a sample , I cant turn this cylinder with horizontal / vertical lines into cone with regular scale !


Thank you so very much , fredo scale works perfectly fine


Why go through so many hoops ?

Use the circular base and a triangular face the full height and use follow me.

If you want the intermediate edges drawn faces and intersect…

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