Impossible to turn a cylinder into a cone shape?

As the title says. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong or is this program just extremely limited?

This is what it currently looks like

I’d have to say it’s you doing something fundamentally wrong. Why are you drawing a cylinder if you want a cone? Why not just draw a cone?

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I’m in need of very specific measurements, thickness of the cone, the hole at the top and width at the bottom. Creating a cylinder seemed to be the way to go and trying to use a tool to push the cylinder into a cone seemed to be the way to go but I guess not. I’m aware of the follow me tool, but how do I draw the first piece of the cone? When I do it it’s not possible to use the follow me on it.

Are you using the web version or the desktop version? your profile is contradictory.

Oh well. Web then.

Another option, desktop this time.

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So not really a cone? Can you show us what it is you are trying to model? I’m sure it isn’t impossible to model but you haven’t given us enough to go on.

@Box Yeah I was thinking of doing it like you did in the destktop version. Thanks a bunch!

@DaveR Yes not really a cone as said in the title. Cone shaped cylinder pretty much. Exactly what Box illustrated.

So then you’re all set? FWIW, since you don’t need it to be closed like a cone, you actually could start with a cylinder and use the Move tool to move cardinal points to resize the edges. Hover over the edge of the circle and find a place where the edge does not show as selected. Then click and move the cursor the required distance. You can type a precise distance if needed.

Also as long as the edges are circles, you could change their radii in Entity Info.

You could also change the size of the circles with the Scale tool.

So from impossible to possible four ways.

@DaveR Yup should be all good now! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: Will try it out later tonight.

So…when I’m using the move tool on the end points of the circle it moves the entire circle. Why does it not do what you two are doing?

You need a cardinal point.

As I wrote:

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@DaveR Yeah just got it to work!

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Well done, Gurk.
I don’t know if it’s any use to you, but I find the CTRL-Push Pull tool very handy. I make a cylinder stack, and then select the circles and adjust the radii in Entity Info.
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@robinmorritt Thanks for the tip! However for my application maybe that’s not an option since they need to be hollow?

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No problem and no problem. Sections are convenient for resizing the inside circles, and I deleted the internal faces manually.
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