How do I turn a cylinder into a bucket shape, when the cylinder is made up of smaller elements? (picture provided)



See this image:
I want to to transform the whole shape on the right to be a bucket shape like on the left. However, on th left cylinder i just had to select to bottom plane and shrink it to get that effect. With the other shape, if I select the bottom, only the bottom changes. If I select the whole shape, I can distort it in several ways but have not found an option to make it like a bucket distortion while keeping the same height and same circular shape.


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly how you have it modeled? I expect there’s at least several ways to do what you want but having the SKP file would make it much easier to help you.


e.g…skp (278.9 KB)


Uploaded, had a wait time because upload get flagged on new accounts…


So you want this?

Since it’s not really separate parts but all connected geometry, I would use Box Tapering which is part of the FredoScale extension.


Yes indeed! I’ll have to get the extension than. Thanks :slight_smile: