Help! No Longer can Export Profile, Section Cut, and Surface Lines on Separate Layers to Illustrator

I used to be able to export a 2D graphic as a dwg or a dxf to illustrator with the profile lines, the section cut lines, and the surface lines all separated on different layers for me. This saved me a huge amount of time adjusting line weights in my drawings, but since I updated SketchUp to 2023, it no longer separates my lines into different layers when I export. I do not know which settings were in place to give me this feature before. When I tried to help my classmates set up this feature, I could never figure out what the difference was between my SketchUp or illustrator settings and theirs. I have never used Sketchup Layout or Style builder. I do not use different line colors or the tags feature very often, and I was able to export the different layers before I even learned to start using these features.

When I open old dxf / dwg files I downloaded before the update, the separate layers still automatically appear in illustrator. So this had to be something that changed with sketchup when I updated. I’ve tried to attached a screenshots of the layers illustrator automatically makes for me when opening these older files.

Does anyone know how to get this feature back? Please, this would save me so much time.

When I look at the Options dialog that opens with the Options button on the File>Export>2D Image>AutoCad DWG the option to separate the edges to their separate layers is still there

Have you changed the options at some time? Or are you looking at the “3D Model” options?
@Colin, The dialog seems to have lost the “Separate on a layer” option for Section Cut lines at some time - a bug or deliberate omission?

It looks like that option was removed in SketchUp 2019 (it’s there in 2018). Didn’t yet find out why there was a change.