Can't export Sections Lines on a seperate layer in SU 2019?

Hi Sketchuppers,

When I export a scene. with a section cut, to a 2d DWG file I can’t write the section lines to a seperate layer. Which I could do in SU 2018. I really really really mis this options as this is the most snappy workflow in combination with Layout. Can someone please help me?! Thanks…

Hi pep75, we improved the functionality of this feature in a few ways. We now export the Section entities onto the layer ‘SectionCutEdges’ in all cases by default. So the option to ‘not’ separate onto a layer is no longer an there. We felt this is implied when a Section cut exists in a model. Also by default all entities are exported as color ‘bylayer’ so adjusting the Section, Profile and non profile lines is now made easier in CAD.

… and when brought into LayOut the Grouped entities based on the layers are easily adjustable.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Trent, but the section is not a face that can be filled, like it did in SU 2018…:((( If only that is possible it will be PERFECT! :wink:

Ah, yes I see… yes we were exporting a polyface mesh with our filled sections in 2018. We had found that this was preventing us from seeing Dash Patterns that were applied when exported.

So what you are looking for is a boundary to assign a Hatch in CAD and or Pattern in LayOut. Is this the control you are after?


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Yes! Exactly! Solely in Layout!

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…actually, this workaround, is THE solution to make Layout “workable”. Layout remains snappy and fast when it has to deal with flat references. A Sketchup reference (for instance a small scale building) with a section cut, slows down Layout extremely a makes it hard to work with. Therefore I export my SU views to flat 2d files (DWG’s) and use these (imported as SU reference) to make drafts. When you are able to export 2d *.skp files from you scenes directly in Layout…then you have the PERFECT marriage!!!

That is an interesting workflow and discoveries as to how you keep LayOut “workable”. This also gives me clarity as how you were using filled sections in 2018 for your benefit.

One way to achieve the same result with 2019 is to import your SU with scene set up with section fills on. Set a scale to the SU viewport then exploded the viewport. This will then be placed in a Scaled Drawing with the same hierarchy of line work as if you imported a .dwg but also provide you with the fills you are wanting.


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That’s a great other possibility…actually never used the ‘explode’ function before. But, when things change in the model, the reference won’t be updated automatically. Therefore it would be great to have an option to save/export scene to a 2d *.skp file which can be updated as a reference. So when the model is changed, just export all the scenes to seperate 2d views in a *.skp format et voilà…the Layout document will be updated as well. This is a small addition to SU but a huge gamechanger!!! :star_struck::blush: